Rush Limbaugh Announces Heartbreaking Family Death – ‘Sorely Missed…’

There has been a death in the Limbaugh family. Rush’s beloved aunt Anne passed away after a long illness.

“It’s a sad day for the Limbaugh family,” Rush wrote on his website. “My Aunt Anne passed away very early this morning… she was charitable to a fault. She was selfless, and she didn’t suffer fools. And in her family, she didn’t permit them.”

Loss is always devastating. Rush used his show to create a touching memorial for Ann. It won’t bring her back, but speaking about how much Anne meant to her family is a way to preserve her memory.

“It was just a force of nature. She’s always been so supportive of me, even when it was challenging to do so. She led a full life. She was one of the grande dames of the family, a genuine matriarch, and she’s going to be sorely, sorely missed,” Rush said.

“She was inspirational to everybody who knew her, Anne Limbaugh.”