Rudy Giuliani Is PISSED! He’s On The WAR PATH To Get Hillary OUT OF THE RACE!

This is truly disturbing and it’s coming from a hugely trusted source. What we’re heading at the Democratic National Convention about gun control and anti-cop rhetoric is quite frankly shameful.

Now we’re getting word that uniformed police officers aren’t even allowed on the convention floor! Seriosuly, how far will Hillary and the other liberals stoop?

According to Rudy Giuliani, who has a close friend in the Philadelphia Police force, the DNC is not allowing uniformed police on the convention floor.

Why, you might ask? It’s to force and shove down our throats their message of hate and racism while bowing to Black Lives Matter and their agenda to wipe out all white cops on earth. Don’t think that’s what they want? Go watch any of their videos.

Here’s Giulian’s reaction. He’s PISSED!

I mean I couldn’t agree more. This is a comedy of errors by the DNC. With Hillary’s snooze fest of a speech, the continuation of the racial divide, and how they promise so much yet actually give no details on anything, makes me wonder if there should be ANY Democrats holding ANY offices in our country.

Sounds like utopia.

(Source: YouTube)

By Blair Patterson

Blair used to be a devoted Democrat, highly involved in his local and state government. Until one day when he served on a larger, state Democratic campaign and saw the underhanded ways in which they tried to manipulate both the votes and the public. Now, a bastion for the conservative side, Blair wants to bring truth, justice, and the conservative American way to anyone willing to Listen. He lives in Kentucky and is on the board for his town and county planning committee.