Rudy Giuliani Blew The Entire “Khantroversy” WIDE OPEN! Hillary Wants This GONE!

Hillary and the Democrats are continuing to catch flak for the deliberate manipulation of Americans by parading Khizr Khan out at the Democratic National Convention. So much so that it’s starting to look really bad for them.

Rudy Giuliani just weighed in on the matter and how the whole process went. He went on Hannity to tell America what really happened and why this is such a huge issue. Hillary and the Dems brought him out because he’s Muslim, because he lost a son, and because he was a tool they could use against Trump.

Giuliani put it all in the light for us. This is awesome!

I wouldn’t blame you if you were doing a “Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!” chant in your living room right now. Giuliani hits the nail on the head here.

“The whole Khan incident. well, Hillary Clinton lied to Gold Star mothers about the circumstances under which their children died. That’s not a bigger deal, or at least as big a deal?”

I agree with Rudy, it IS a big deal. It should be national news, but of course you’ll never see that in the Liberal media. Luckily, we have men like him to speak the truth and expose the lies Hillary and the Dems spew just to make sure their side looks good and looks tolerant.

Yea, those leaked emails would say otherwise, but that’s none of my business...

(Source: YouTube)