Right Before OJ Is A Free Man, Audio Recording Surfaces That Could Change His Future

Scumbag murder suspect OJ Simpson could be released from prison as soon as Monday.

He was jailed nine years ago on a bizarre Las Vegas robbery charge. He and his gun-wielding entourage stormed into a Vegas hotel room with the intention of retrieving sports memorabilia Simpson claimed was stolen from him.

Being a free man might not be as pleasant as he predicted, however. The Daily Mail has released bombshell information regarding Simpson’s finances that could derail his plans. According to the media outlet, a damning tape has been released.

Simpson was infamously acquitted of murder in 1997. He managed to escape legal consequences for his crimes, but a civil court found him liable for damages to the victims’ families. He was ordered to pay $33 million in total.

Instead of owning up to his obligations, Simpson acted like a snake and refused to pay. Lawyers have been hounding him for decades, trying to squeeze out the money that they’re owed.

The Daily Mail announced Friday that it had access to an audiotape that would change everything. Simpson, it’s been revealed, hid his money in offshore accounts.

“Nobody puts a gun in my f***ing face. I stood up for the motherf***er (Simpson) while he was in jail, I stood up for him in the press, I stood up for him on the stand…’I helped him set up his f***ing offshore accounts,” Bruce Fromong, a long-time friend of Simpson, is heard saying on the tape.

Fromong was among the men who joined Simpson in his Vegas robbery.

‘We’ve heard about that over the years and I have asked OJ about his assets and he didn’t disclose any offshore bank accounts, but that doesn’t mean anything,” attorney David Cook said. Cook represents the Goldman family. Simpson was accused of killing their son, Ron.

“Do I think he has an offshore bank account? That’s a good conclusion. How much does he have in it? God only knows… Whatever hole Mr. Simpson hides his money in, I’ll find it.”

Simpson might have hundreds of millions tucked away, safe in a foreign account. Before his disgrace, he was one of the highest paid athletes in the world.

“My message to OJ is real easy, pay the judgment, grow up, you went to trial you lost, admit your guilt and start paying this thing. He’s in absolute denial and that’s got to end,” Cook said.

“When OJ Simpson was riding in that White Bronco he tossed his soul out the window, this man is completely without a soul.”

(Source: Daily Mail)