Our Veterans Are Starving And Obama Will Give HOW MUCH To Another Country?! IMPEACH!

After we reported that Obama was trying to give Cuba $117 Billion, it seems as though he’s trying to give all of America’s money away.

After meeting with the president of Columbia, a country so riddled with crime and drugs that it makes the U.S. look like an innocent puppy, Obama has decided to give them $450 million of American’s taxpayer dollars for support.

Support for what, you might ask? Helping the government solidify it’s rule. Not even to support the people of the country.


President Barack Obama unveiled plans Thursday to increase U.S. aid to Colombia to at least $450 million next year, a boost of more than $100 million designed to help the government in Bogota spread and solidify its rule once it reaches a peace deal with the Marxist-inspired FARC rebels.

The new funding initiative, which must be approved by Congress, would move a nearly 16-year-old U.S. aid package known as Plan Colombia into a new phase — called Peace Colombia — in the event of a peace deal.

The U.S. gives around $310 million a year to Colombia now, depending on how the aid programs are counted.

Of course, as always, Republicans are saying this is just pure stupidity.

During a meeting with Santos on Wednesday, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida) said she opposed the peace process, in part because Cuba has helped facilitate the talks and because she is concerned the U.S. will take FARC off its list of terrorist organizations.

Human rights activists also worry that a peace deal will fail to hold government forces or rebels accountable for atrocities committed during the conflict.

So we’re giving money to something that might not even work? Great. Thanks for nothing Obama.

Hey, why don’t you stop giving away our money and help our veterans that are starving in the streets due to your neglect? Seems like a really simple concept and novel idea. One that totally escapes you apparently.

(Source: Politico)