Orlando Shooter Planned A Rampage At Disney World

It’s one thing to target innocent Americans, gay or straight. It’s another thing to target even more innocent American Children, but that’s exactly what Omar Mateen’s first plan was.

Reports are rolling in about the reporter left and right. We now know that both he and his father have ties to radical Islamist organizations; Omar pledged his allegiance to ISIS ad his father praised the Taliban in his YouTube shows. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye. This wasn’t a man, as many have said, that was ready to kill just a bunch of gay people because he was incensed when he saw two men kissing. No it went much deeper than that.

As we also now know, Omar Mateen was investigated by the FBI on two occasions, once in 2013 and another time in 2014. He was also abusive to then wife both emotionally and physically. All of this leading up to the Pulse shooting. However, the Pulse night club wasn’t his first target. It was much more sinister than that.

In case you cannot see that video, here is a brief overview.

Omar Mateen, the terrorist who brutally gunned down dozens at an Orlando nightclub, scouted Walt Disney World as a possible target, according to reports.

Trace Gallagher reported that a federal law enforcement source told People Magazine that Mateen’s wife,¬†Noor Zahi Salman, said she and her husband visited Disney World in April.

She said that her husband was scouting both Pulse, the nightclub where the mass shooting took place, and Downtown Disney, which was recently renamed Disney Springs.

Unlike the four Disney World theme parks, Disney Springs doesn’t have security, metal detectors and bag checks before entry.

Gallagher said that Disney has not yet commented about the threat.

According to the video Mateen’s classmates also said that he cheered on 9/11 when the planes hit the World Trade Center.

This was a man, no, man is too much justice for him, a sub-human that not only cheered the lives of innocent American’s being murdered by Muslim terrorists on 9/11, but also sought out to kill countless children and their families at Disney World.

And the most frustrating part was, we had him. He was investigated by the FBI TWICE! Two times. And he walked both times. They could have stopped this and they didn’t. People of the world, lend me your ears. There is no place for radical Islam in this world. Islam is not the answer and it needs to be known the world over.

Until we recognize that, this will continue.

(Source: Fox News)