Obama SLIPS UP And Admits That The $400 Million Iran Payment Went To Support TERRORISTS

This sure smells of yet ANOTHER Obama administration SNAFU, and over the years, my sniffer has gotten mighty strong.

If you have been out of the loop in the news the past 24 hours, the story broke yesterday about Obama and his administration giving Iran, a country known for terrorist attacks and calling the US “The Great Satan,” $400 MILLION in return for US lives, even though Obama swore up and down that it was not a ransom:


It’s no secret that Iran hates the US, so why exactly would Iran take money from us?

The thoughts running through your head are probably the same as mine and this morning, the White House confirmed our greatest fears on the matter – the taxpayer-funded $400 million couldĀ be used in the very real threat of terrorism, against us.

This is insane. It’s just another Obama administration load of BS. Not only does the speaker talk in circles, but he admits that it “certainly” could have gone to sources of terrorism, a matter in which there is no question.

For all we know, the money will probably go to funding a nuclear bomb to obliterate Israel, or even worse, funding ISIS’s assault on the world and instilling Islamic rule. Congratulations Obama, you’ve just given them the funds to murder more innocent lives, and you’re standing in front of the country, trying to win political points.

I can’t wait until November, where we will never have to hear the name “Obama” again.

(Source: YouTube)