Newt Gingrich Just Called Out Obama And Took Him DOWN On LIVE TV!

Obama is catching flack from all angles this morning as his comments about Donald Trump are eviscerated by Conservative media.

First it was Donald’s own daughter, Ivanka, laying the wood to Obama’s completely misguided and disgusting comments. If you missed them, click here to read about her EPIC response! Now the rest of the media and other political figures are coming to Trump’s aid. Newt Gingrich is one of them and he’s been a Trump supporter since the very beginning. Upong hearing the comments, Newt went on Hannity to address a few things, but chiefly he talked about how Obama’s comments were “reprehensible.”


That is a truly outstanding point. What many people fail to realize is that Obama has been one of the worst presidents in our history. Who is he to criticize when he’s barely done anything worth while at all.

Newt is the kind of person Trump needs to have in his cabinet. His experience and wisdom about the world would only help Trump in becoming an amazing president. Agree? Let’s heat it in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)