Michelle Obama SERIOUSLY Needs To Shut The F**K Up

As we descend into the madness that is the Democratic National Convention, there are a few things that are certain. First, the Democrats will do anything they can to paint Donald Trump as a racist, sexist and whatever-ist to make themselves look better by proxy.

Next, they’ll make themselves out to be the champions of justice and good societal values by throwing themselves on a cross and expecting a pity party for how hard their lives were.

And finally, they’ll trot out the queen of the toxic ideology being spewed by the left for the past eight years – Michelle Obama.

You see, liberals fawn over Michelle Obama even though she’s not actually an elected official. She has no legislative power, nor can she realistically install policies that change America in any measurable way. She’s famous in the same way that Kim Kardashian is famous – just by being there.

What’s readily apparent from her Black Lives Matter-sympathizing demeanor is that she wants Hillary Clinton elected, and she will tell any lie she can to get there. That’s why I’ve constructed a letter taking apart some of the statements she made tonight.

Dear Michelle,

You says you want a President who will teach our children that everyone in the country matters. Newsflash – isn’t that what “All Lives Matter” literally means? If your husband wasn’t so busy poisoning the well with the Black Lives Matter talking point that all cops are racist against innocent black people, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. You parrot the same “Hope and Change” crap that got Barack elected, without realizing that your family has left the country far worse than when you first moved into the “house that slaves built.”

Michelle…no. Just no.

Leaving something better for our kids? Are you talking about the worst youth unemployment rate in decades, almost $20 trillion in national debt, the idea that their race defines them rather than the content of their character, and an out of control illegitimacy rate in the black community? Is that what you mean by leaving something better? Because that’s exactly what your legacy leaves behind.

No, that’s not what you mean, because your kids have 24 hour armed security detail and attend the best schools – and always will. Our kids, however, are left to fend for themselves in the minefield of a society you’ve managed to create with your husband in the last eight years.

Also, that’s not what the Presidency is about at all. The Office of the President has many roles, the main of which is to uphold the constitution and not infringe on the rights of American citizens, both of which you couldn’t give two hot craps about, by the looks of things.

So you’re asking who will have the power to shape our children? How about parents, Michelle?! I understand you’re a liberal to the core, but the government isn’t responsible for shaping children. If it is, then the parents have failed miserably and they should give up the ability to be a parent. Stop trying to be the mother of America – you suck at it and people can (and should) raise their own damn kids.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that this country isn’t great.” Right. Now, Michelle, do you know the difference between someone who loves their country and one who hates it? The one who loves their country recognizes that we as a country are losing the very thing that makes us unique in the world, and we have fallen behind other countries in terms of freedoms and economic prosperity. The one who hates it, however, will tell you that everything is fine, while the walls come down while adding fuel to the growing flame. Take a wild freaking guess which one you are.

Donald Trump isn’t saying the country isn’t great, he’s saying that the ingenuity and economic prosperity that made the US a superpower is in jeopardy by people like yourself who play identity politics and try to elect bona fide crooks into the highest office in the land. You’re actively hurting America, and every time you go on stage, you try to take a little bit of the country’s spirit with you.

When you mention how tough it was growing up, or that you live in a house built by slaves, or that you’ve never been proud of America until your husband convinced enough gullible dummies to vote for him, one thing is clear: America would be much better off if your husband left politics forever, and if you just found it in your heart to shut the f**k up.

Thank you.