Michelle Malkin EXPOSED Every Dirty LIE Michelle Obama Ever Told, On LIVE TV

You don’t really hear much about Michelle Obama when it comes to any news cycle, but rest assured, she is not innocent in any of the wrongdoings of the government.

After all, she campaigned and helped get Barack Obama his first and second term as president. Her hands aren’t clean when looking at the state of this country, especially when she says things like “the White house was built by slaves,” which only adds to the racial division of this country.

Michelle Obama has stuck her nose into anything from the food we eat to the outwardly racist organization Black Lives Matter. During her tenure as the First Lady, she’s rarely been challenged by anyone in the media.

However, someone who isn’t scared to take her on is Michelle Malkin.

In the video below, taken during the last election season, Malkin SLAMS Michelle Obama for her bully tactics and the fact that she said she was never proud of America until she was in the White House. Let this be a reminder of the types of people that we elect in the future, and that Hillary is no different.

Malkin is on point here and rightfully calls out Michelle Obama for being ignorant and using her stature to push an agenda that has helped to ruin this country. For how poorly Barack Obama ran the country ad is easily the worst President we’ve ever had, Michelle is easily the worst First Lady as well.

Here’s Malkin speaking at length on Steven Crowder’s radio show, where she goes into detail about the Obamas’ lies and deceptions to America:

Who else can’t wait until they’re gone?

(Source: YouTube)