Mental Health Expert EXPOSES The REAL Reason Why Hillary Can’t Stop LYING, And It Ain’t Pretty

Have you ever looked at Hillary Clinton and wondered why the hell she does some of the things she does? No, I’m not talking about the plays for political power and cash – those are apparent. I mean the lies that she tells when there is zero benefit, and the apparently insane mannerisms that pop up from time to time, seemingly randomly.

Do you remember when she had a seizure on live TV and scared the crap out of the person asking her questions?

Of course we do, but although we comment and report on the news, we can’t tell what’s going on in that cobweb-infested brain of hers. However, mental health professionals can, and the diagnosis is not good.

According to YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson, who has consulted with mental health experts, Hillary experienced convulsions and may possess personality disorders that make her lack any sort of empathy for human interactions, leading to exaggerated expressions and other harmful and brain-altering side effects.

Here’s the video – it brings some much needed perspective into how truly insane, uncaring, and mentally ill Hillary Clinton really is.

Now, when you say Hillary’s crazy, you actually have proof. She is absolutely unfit to be President, in the purest sense of the word.