Megyn Kelly Shoved Al Sharpton’s Racist LIES Back In His Face On LIVE TV

The Michael Brown case, which propelled the Black Lives Matter movement to the forefront of the media circus around that case, has polarized the country. Ever since early 2015, there have been two sides to it: it was an officer fearing for his life, or Brown was shot in cold blood.

Sharpton’s view is that Michael Brown, the gentle giant, was murdered in cold blood by a racist white cop.

But let’s review the facts of the case. The Department of Justice (DOJ), the top enforcement agency in the country, said that “Officer Wilson was not unreasonable in his fear that Brown would once again attempt to harm him and gain control of his gun.” That means that Officer Wilson was PROVEN to not be at fault for Brown’s death BY THE LAW.

Sharpton still didn’t believe it and Kelly proved him wrong immediately, and it’s the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in a long time.

It’s not about belief, Mr. Sharpton, it’s about the facts. You are wrong. Even if you’re “an opinion guy” as you agree to when Megyn said it, Wilson was proven to be innocent and not at fault for aggressively shooting Brown for no reason.

People like Al Sharpton and groups like Black Lives Matter are ruining the country. Stop the racial divide, obey the law, and things like this won’t happen. How hard a concept is that to grasp?

(Source: YouTube)