Megyn Kelly Just Got Stabbed In The Back By Matt Lauer

Megyn Kelly is so toxic her own co-stars don’t want to deal with her.

Her much-vaunted TV show is already a failure; publicists are afraid to book their clients to meet with her. She’s botched numerous high-profile interviews.

A Hollywood insider revealed that when fellow “Today” star Matt Lauer heard the rumors, he coolly responded: “It’s a big problem for them (Kelly’s show).”

It’s a big problem for the entire network. Kelly’s insipid hour is dragging down the entire Today show family.

“This week was the lowest Kathie and Hoda have rated since 2010,” a source revealed.

“It keeps getting worse. Megyn is killing them. It is a real problem and no one wants to book Megyn’s show.”

Another source added: “They can keep telling you about all the lunches they’re taking her to, but it’s not helping the ratings.”

Kelly had a huge following on Fox News, but she’s out of her wheelhouse now. She lacks the charisma needed to be a daytime host. The fact that Lauer didn’t stick up for her is telling. She’s done.

NBC paid a lot of money for Kelly’s insipid smiles, so the network probably isn’t going to drop her anytime soon. But what else can they do with her? Their flagship show might be ruined if she continues hosting her hour.

“Sounds like a few troublemakers are trying to stir up drama where there just isn’t any. Everyone’s doing just fine at the ‘Today’ show,” rebutted a Today show representative.

(Source: Page Six)