Megyn Kelly Is Having A Really, Really Bad Year

You probably didn’t watch last week’s “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly.” That’s because, according to the Nielsen report, almost nobody did. Ratings for the show have gotten worse and worse with every episode.

Kelly’s announcement that she was ditching Fox News and establishing herself on NBC initially created a flurry of interest. Her supporters ( a rapidly dwindling group), were excited to watch while those who her considered to be a hack looked forward to watching her fail.

The naysayers seem to have been right. A whopping six million people tuned in to her premiere episode, which featured an interview with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, but those impressive numbers dropped off immediately. Critics complained that the host appeared out of her depth as she smilingly lobbed simple questions at the Russian president.

“Execs and show producers are feeling very proud of the show and the quality of stories, and they are playing the long game here,” an anonymous NBC source told the Daily Mail.

“They know it’s a matter of years, not weeks, for this show to build an audience, especially with the limited initial schedule this summer.”

They’re playing a very long game indeed if they’re waiting for Kelly’s show to become popular. For the past three weeks straight reruns of 60 Minutes have captured a bigger audience than Kelly. Given that NBC is known for being intellectually dishonest, she might actually be a good fit for the network, but it’s unlikely that her show will ever be much of a success in the future.

If NBC executives were smart they would cut their losses and fire her before her show’s failure begins to embarrass the network.

(Source: Daily Mail)