Look: Hollywood Star Makes Jaw Dropping Transformation To Play Dick Cheney

Alright, this is amazing.

Hollywood pretty boy Christian Bale has been transformed. The combined force of makeup, padding, and donuts worked wonders. Pictures of the former Batman in character have begun floating around and the resemblance is uncanny.

Instead of chiseled abs and bulging arm muscles, Bale was caught walking around with a beer belly and pale, flabby skin.

Bale is a bit of a chameleon. He plumped up four years ago for 2013’s “American Hustle.”

“It’s easy to start with … you’re just sitting on your butt and you’re eating lots of doughnuts and eating bread and everything like that,” Bale said at the time, describing his preparation for the role.

“But you do it for two months and your body starts to rebel against you, it’s just saying ‘No, please,’ and your back is aching and there’s also some problems with that… And then you’ve got to lose the weight at the end of it, you know? I wish it was simple.”

Hollywood tackling Dick Cheney’s story might seem odd given its ultra-liberal leanings, but political dramas are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. A movie about the White House is automatic awards fodder.

“The drama is centered around Cheney’s career as George W. Bush’s second in command and his policies which have shaped the world. Amy Adams… will play Cheney’s wife Lynne,” the Daily Mail writes.

Bale and Adams are probably both gunning for an Oscar.

There’s no word yet on how Dick Cheney himself feels about the upcoming biopic.

(Source: Daily Mail)