Liberals Just Said “SCREW Christian Kids!” And Did This HORRIBLE Thing! WTF?!

I think we can certify that this school is run by morons.

In a story that I can only imagine was written by a liberal narrative, an elementary school in Minneapolism Minnesota has officially banned all holidays that could be construed as offensive to muslims. This is, of course, counting all christian holidays, but it’s also other random holidays like Halloween and Valentine’s Day.

Bruce Vento Elementary School has banned Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid offending its minority student population.

“I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue the celebration of the dominant holidays until we can come to a better understanding of how the dominant views will suppress someone else’s view,” principal Scott Masini wrote in a letter to parents.

Masini said the decision was based on his concerns for “tolerance” and “respect,” prompting a backlash from parents who told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the move was “very sad” and “totally ridiculous.”’

The more PC we become, the more the terrorists win. Of course, everyone with a level head was outraged.

“Masini’s letter states the decision was made in consultation with the school staff, but at least one person who posted online said the principal “is under an immense amount of pressure from many of his own staff who dispute his decision,” reports EAG News.

This is also the same school that taught school teachers the difference between black and white. Apparently…

The St. Paul school district has spent almost $1.5 million dollars on “white privilege” teacher training which includes treating shouting out in class as a “black cultural norm” while characterizing being on time as a white cultural stereotype.

The training, conducted through contracts with the Pacific Educational Group, was slammed by former fourth grade teacher Aaron Benner, who told EAG News, “As a black man I can say that they are hurting black kids. “I’ve never seen anything as idiotic as PEG. Everything we do, PEG is at the forefront.”

What I don’t get is how the kids will think of this. Every child that celebrates this holidays will end up thinking that they did something wrong. How are you going to answer that when your kid comes home?

Child: Mom, Dad, why did they ban Christmas? Did I do something to upset Jesus and Santa?

Parents: No little Tommy, you school is run by idiots that think they have the right to force ideals on someone to appease everyone else.

Remember everyone, when you cater to everyone, you offend everyone. When you cater to some, you offend less.

(Source: Infowars)