Kellyanne Conway Gives Clinton The Epic Smack In The Mouth She Desperately Deserves

Hillary Clinton is a name we had hoped we were rid of after the election. However it seems she keeps shoving her nose where it has no business. Like the past election.

She lost. She needs to come to the realization that she did. Problem is, it seems like she hasn’t at all. Clinton recently went on ABC News to “break her silence” on the election and how “hard” it’s been for her. Here’s the full story.

Clinton has blamed many things on her election loss including misogyny, James Comey and his reopening of the email investigation, Wikileaks and Jullian Assange, but she has never once taken responsibility for the loss. Sure, she said that she took responsibility, but blaming others and outside factors isn’t taking responsibility.

Because of these facts it remains perfectly clear that she is in a deep state of denial that she is truly the one to blame. She may not know the reasons why, but we do. And so does KellyAnne Conway who unloaded the top four reasons why she lost in a tweet aimed directly at Clinton.

That’s a pretty open and shut case to me. And I couldn’t agree more.