Kate Steinle’s Father Talks About His Daughter’s Chilling Last Moments Alive. He Needs Our Prayers!

Jim Steinle is on the offensive, as he should be. His daughter, Kate Steinle has aroused national concern from conservatives (and none from liberals) about the state of illegal immigrants in this country. For those not in the loop, Kate was shot and killed in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant that had been deported five previous times, with the city not releasing his name to the federal authorities, as they should have.

Jim, in a speech on Capitol Hill, denounced the various legal loopholes in place that allowed a career criminal like his daughter’s killer to go free. It’s absolutely chilling.

Through all that has happened, Jim has maintained extraordinary resolve and we’ll all be praying for him. He’s a shining beacon of hope that the issue of illegal immigration will now be taken more seriously by people and not brushed under the rug by the liberal media. Share this story with every American you know to get the world out that this injustice cannot stand.

I’ll be praying for the well-being of the Steinle family and all people affected by the crimes of illegal immigrants.

(Source: FoxNews)