Judge Jeanine Pirro Just Dropkicked Hillary Clinton Into The Middle Of Next Week

Leave it to Judge Jeanine to make sense out of something that makes zero sense at all.

Many were left bewildered and angry when FBI director James Comey gave literally no punishment to Hillary Clinton after her email scandals was investigated. Many are still angry and are looking for answers. Well, it turns out that Judge Jeanine Pirro, a favorite of ours on Yes I’m Right, has the answer. Pirro is saying that because Hillary is continually and pathologically lying about her email scandal, Comey will have no choice but to indict her.

Oh. yeah.

Clinton has just dug a hole for herself that now requires an indictment.

Her response this past Sunday to Chris Wallace in an interview when he says that FBI director Comey said none of the things Hillary told the American people were true says it all. Take a listen:

So the target says the FBI director has characterized her answers to the FBI as truthful. Seriously, Hillary? That’s not what the director says. But let’s hear it from the director himself:

So FBI director Comey under oath swears before Congress that Hillary Clinton did not tell the truth. Hillary Clinton lied. Not once, not twice, but more than ten times.

So when the Washington Post – known for its liberal leanings – gives Hillary Clinton four Pinocchio’s and Politifact rates it a “pants on fire” statement, and factcheck.org gives it a false rating, you would think the woman would understand and recognize the error of her ways… You would think that the presidency demands a certain amount of integrity and honesty.

George “I cannot tell a lie” Washington and “Honest” Abe Lincoln are spinning in their graves.

So what does the liar in chief do now that she’s been exposed? She doubles down on the lie and says in yet another interview – quote – “as the FBI said, everything that I’ve said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I’ve told them.”

And yesterday the crescendo got so loud at the national Hispanic and black journalist conference she tripled down and said she may have short circuited – take a listen to this one:

Hillary it would have been so easy for you to say, you know, I’ve already said I made a mistake. Or I’ve learned my lesson. But no… Not you. This is a woman who does not know what the truth is. And if her brain short circuits is she telling us she needs work done? Or that the work done was no good. Or that the work done didn’t work?

And they want to call Donald Trump unstable? At least the man says what he thinks and believes. You may not like it but at least he’s honest. Give me honest any day of the week.

But this is far more serious and I’ll tell you why. Jim Comey swore that Hillary Clinton sent classified emails. Accordingly she lied to us. He knew that she sent classified emails so if the FBI knew she sent classified emails did they ask her whether she did. If they did, irrespective of her answer, they would have had to take her out in cuffs.

If she said no, that’s lying to the FBI and if she said yes that’s admitting that she violated federal criminal statutes. If the FBI already knew she had sent classified information on her private server and they did not ask her if she did, that means that they intentionally did not want to charge Hillary Clinton. Jim Comey was the man in charge who made the decision to prosecute Martha Stewart for lying to the FBI on a case that had nothing to do with national security. Hillary Clinton’s case had everything to do with national security and worse everything to do with the future of this nation.

When Hillary says “what I told the FBI which he (Comey) said was truthful is consistent with what I have said publicly” – she is telling us that she repeated the lie that she told us about not sending classified emails when she spoke to the FBI! That means she lied to the FBI.

She is clearly stating that what she told the FBI is what she told us. She lied to us as per Comey and now she’s telling us she told the FBI the same lie.

Jim Comey’s hands are now tied. He cannot do the dance anymore about how there was no intent or that he’s not sure what negligence means or that it’s only recklessness or carelessness or that the statute isn’t clear or that no reasonable prosecutor would go forward.

Comey, the prosecutor who wasn’t in that room, who didn’t use the opportunity to size up a defendant, to analyze her truthfulness and her body language. The man who didn’t even speak to every one of the FBI agents in that room who quickly made a determination that she did not have the intent which was not even an element of the crime in the first place is now caught between a rock and a hard place.

Jim Comey, for his entire truth, saying has an obligation to his oath and the constitution. He has an obligation to recognize what this woman has said not once not twice but ten times and what he has said under oath.

Jim you’re running with dogs and you know better than I that when you lie with dogs expect to get fleas.

That is the full transcript of the video. Tell me there isn’t a logical line in there. You can’t, because there isn’t. Judge Jeanine is 100% correct. If Hillary lies, there need to be repercussions.

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