JK Rowling Takes A Swing At Trump And Knocks Herself Out

England is once again mourning the loss of some of its brothers and sisters after two terror attacks were executed in London over the weekend. These come just days after the Manchester attacks at a crowded theater, and hours before the benefit concert to honor those affected by that attack.

President Trump’s response when hearing about these attacks was, of course, to send his compassion and vows of solidarity to England, one of our oldest allies.

However, frustration with inept leadership was bound to bubble up, and some say that it was too soon.

One ourspoken liberal from across the pond took exception to the President’s comments:

I’m going to skip over the part where she calls our President a name, and go straight to the original context; it seems that those definitions are tripping us up again. These two seem to have a difference of opinion whether leadership entails prevention or cure.

Political analyst Mike Cernovich seems to think he knows the answer:


Reports on the night of the event were that there was an incredible mobilization of police on the ground and something to the effect of a dozen individual raids were carried out, even after the perpetrators were either killed or neutralized. This is commendable in many ways; their prompt execution of justice sounds like a victory on the surface. I just can’t help asking myself how they knew these things so quickly.

Watching the news coverage of the event, they very closely skirted the issue of how the connections were made, but there was a strong impression that these were people that they knew would act, they just didn’t know when or how. Apparently, political correctness in jolly old England has made it where somebody has to die before they’ll take care of business.