“Islamophobia” Is BULLSH*T

The liberal media have taken it upon themselves to wave the flag of political correctness in every facet of American life, with politicians following suit and adopting the rallying cry of those that feel offended by anything and everything. One of their favorite scapegoats and conversation killers is a concept called Islamophobia, which is the irrational fear of Muslims simply on the basis of their religion.

As it turns out, that concept is complete bullsh*t.

Paul Joseph Watson is a YouTube presenter and political critic that has long since adopted an anti-social justice approach to his videos, with well-reasoned and well-presented arguments being the main draw of his epic rants. In this video, called “The Truth About Islamophobia,” he takes to task the liberal media’s battle cry of Islamophobia, all the while ignoring the very real injustices and atrocities made in the name of Islam.

It proves, without any sliver of doubt, that the term was made only to distract the public from what’s really going on.

Amen, Mr. Watson. Amen.

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