ISIS-Loving Muslims Just KIDNAPPED Three Americans And Proved Trump RIGHT!

ISIS, for some reason, doesn’t make it onto the radar of the liberal media, mostly because Obama either doesn’t make the murderous group a priority, or that they’re a perfect indicator of where radical Islam leads if left unchecked.

Officials report that three Americans, along with an interpreter went missing and were allegedly kidnapped by militant Islamists in Baghdad, because if there’s one thing the religion of peace does well, it’s make people do things against their will.

Fox News reports,

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad confirmed “several” Americans had disappeared in Iraq on Sunday and the State Department said it was working with Iraqi authorities to locate them amid multiple reports of a kidnapping.

Al Arabiya first reported the news that three Americans were kidnapped. The U.S. government didn’t immediately confirm a kidnapping or the number of people involved.

“We are aware of reports that American citizens are missing in Iraq,” State Department spokesperson John Kirby told Fox News. “The safety and security of American citizens overseas is our highest priority.‎ We are working with the full cooperation of the Iraqi authorities to locate and recover the individuals. Due to privacy considerations, I have nothing further.”

U.S. Embassy spokesman Scott Bolz said Sunday that “We are working in full cooperation with Iraqi authorities to locate the missing Americans.”

An Iraqi police colonel told AFP on condition of anonymity that three Americans and an Iraqi translator were kidnapped in southern Baghdad by militiamen wearing military uniforms.

“We don’t know what their work is,” the colonel said of the Americans.

ISIS is dressing up as military to kidnap Americans. At what point do we simply bomb their entire civilization to kingdom come?

The report adds,

A spokesman for Baghdad’s Joint Operations Command told The Washington Post that the three citizens were Iraqis who had acquired U.S. citizenship.

The incident comes after a week that has seen a deterioration of security in and around the Iraqi capital after months of relative calm.

The Islamic State group claimed a number of attacks in Baghdad and Diyala province last week that killed more than 50 people, including a high profile attack on a mall in the Iraqi capital.

We’re praying for the lives of the kidnapped. We pray that they get a speedy and painless rescue. We also pray that their captors feel God’s divine judgment, but I’m sure our military can take care of that – with or without Obama. Donald Trump was right – we need to bomb the *** out of them!

(Source: Fox News)