ISIS Forced This Christian Iraqi Girl From Her Home. What She Said About Them Would Make Jesus Proud! AMEN!

You may have never heard of Myriam Behnam, but by the time you read this, you’ll want her to be one of your own. Myriam is an 11 year old Christian Iraqi Refugee living in a country that has been overrun by the terrorist group called the Islamic State, better known as ISIS.

ISIS continues to reign down terror on the region by killing the innocent and pillaging cities and kidnappingĀ the young. Yet there is a glimmer of hope – this young, incredibly brave, Christian girl who stands tall in a sea of horror.

(Source: YouTube)

This is easily one of the bravest young people on the planet. When asked if she would harm the people who drove her from her home, she said, “I won’t do anything to them, I will only ask God to forgive them.” Amazing. We should all have so much faith in Christ. Amen!