If You Love America, You Need To See Newt Gingrich DESTROYING Obama’s Racist Agenda

When Barack Obama took the Presidency eight long and tumultuous years ago, many in our country rejoiced in the hope that that our first Black president would help the country become more unified. That hope would be completely unfounded, as the country has never been more divided.

One might also say that the US under Obama is not the 3rd world hell hole that some predicted, but as of what we’re seeing today, we’re well on our way to that apocalyptic scenario. Black Lives Matter isn’t helping either.

The racially driven domestic terror group thinks what they are preaching is equality when in reality they are preaching chaos, racism, and hate – and Newt Gingrich has had ENOUGH.

Gingrich was on Hannity last night and what he said was a wake up call to BLM and President Obama for his 8 years of failure.

“This is the tragic culmination of eight years of total failure by President Obama, who has routinely attacked the police, rendered judgement when he didn’t know anything about what was going on and has increased the sense of racial hostility.”

Who in their right mind is going to disagree with that logic?

Race relations are the worst they’ve been since the 60s in this country. The thug and hood mentality of lower income communities will not change unless the change happens from within. Yes, there is still racism in this country as there is still racism throughout the world, but if you honestly think every white person is trying to keep black Americans down, then you have an incredibly jaded worldview and you need your head examined.

Here’s a message to BLM and President Obama: WAKE THE F*** UP! Nothing will change until YOU make a fundamental personality change. What you’re doing is ruining the country. The suburbs aren’t your problem, you are your own problem.

(Source: YouTube)