His EPIC Response To The Rioting THUGS In Milwaukee Is Going VIRAL. Obama Wants This GONE!

As the city of Milwaukee becomes a disaster area with the angry black community destroying itself from within, the liberal media has done its best to shield the country from the sheer rage and unfounded racism happening in our nation’s heartland.

However, a little thing called the internet means that information travels freely and anyone can chime in on the issues of the day, and every once in a while, we find a response so powerful that people have no choice but to stand up and cheer in agreement.

One such response is by a young black YouTuber named That Guy T. He’s ranted about Black Lives Matter before, and unlike political pundits that speak on Fox News, his demographic allows him to be actually listened to by liberals.

His latest video deals with the riots in Milwaukee and how Black Lives Matter supporters are fueling the fires of ignorance and racism, with Obama’s anti-police agenda all but lighting the match on this powder keg of a situation.

He’s fired up and I can’t stop watching and sharing this video.


I couldn’t agree more. Preach on.

(Source: YouTube)