Hillary’s Biggest Supporters Are Switching Sides And I Couldn’t Be Happier

Looks like all it would take is a newcomer to the race for all liberals to abandon Hillary Clinton and her bid for president.

CBS’s Julianna Goldman reported live from the White House citing that a major Hillary supporter would flip sides and go straight to the Biden camp, were he to run.

(Source: YouTube)

This is huge news for the liberals in their bid for the presidency. It’s also bad news for conservatives. Biden is the current Vice President and is a strong candidate that none of us should take lightly.

My conservative people. Lend me your ears. We MUST vote in this election. We cannot have Obama light, Joe Biden, in the oval office. No matter the democratic candidate, we have to make it our civic duty to stop this madness. We’ll have all eyes and ears to the ground and bring you up to the minute news, should Biden run.