Hillary Clinton Wants To Charge Taxpayers $350 Billion To Make College Free For Liberals

Recently, Hillary Clinton revealed her plan for college education, also known as an echo chamber for liberal thought. Her goal is to make college cheaper by going with a “loan free” strategy, in which the likely liberal arts students, already saddled with an entitled mentality, wouldn’t have to foot the bill for the own education.

A 5-year-old could see the glaring flaw in this logic.

Our friends over at Economics 21 wrote this article about just how flawed it truly is.

Clinton proposes to offer states $175 billion in grants in exchange for the no-loans promise. (The total cost of her plan is $350 billion.) Accepting the grants would require states to devote more of their budgets to higher education, which in theory would bring down tuition.

However, Clinton cannot seem to deviate from the failed prescription of more spending, despite research showing that federal subsidies for higher education tend to increase education costs. Even if Clinton does succeed in eradicating loans for students of public colleges, her plan will not bring down the cost of higher education. Whether they are students or taxpayers, someone will end up paying those costs.

But there is another way and, once again, it’s a Republican to the rescue. Marco Rubio has a better idea.

In contrast, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican presidential candidate from Florida, has sponsored a number of bills that would enable students to take advantage of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs), publicize information about graduation rates and potential earnings at different institutions, and make it easier for individual lenders to invest in students so that they would be able to avoid taking out college loans.

Under income-share agreements, repayments would be directly tied to students’ income, lightening the burden of college costs. Faced with tougher standards from the market, colleges also might start bringing down tuition to compete with each other for investor dollars.

Shocking that it could be that simple. The dems, especially Clinton, miss the point yet again. No matter who on our side is proposing it, Conservative thinking to the rescue!