Hillary Clinton Just SPIT IN THE FACE Of Everyone Voting For Her

Hillary Clinton continues to show characteristics that make her less and less likely to be a good president, and more and more likely to say or do anything to get into office.

Throughout the primaries and election process on the way to the Democratic nomination, Hillary battled Bernie Sanders on many key issues, several of which they disagreed vehemently on. Well you’ll never guess what Hillary’s done to try an secure the Bernie voters that are turning their backs on the Democrats.

She’s changing her own policies and stealing his. Surprise, surprise. She thinks her voters are complete idiots, and my biggest fear is that she may be right.


Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook said Sunday that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton worked with self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders on a number of policy issues following the primary.

The candidate appears to have shifted further to the left due to the contentious primary race, making her stances on education policy and how to handle income inequality more liberal.

“Well, the – I think the college affordability plan that she mentioned in there, that was something that she and Senator Sanders worked together on after the primary had concluded,” Mook told host Chuck Todd during an appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday. “We’re really proud of that plan. It’s something that was part of our platform. There were a number of issues where they worked together on the platform.”

Sanders was a strong proponent of free tuition for students attending public universities – a proposal numerous economists said wasn’t feasible.

As evidenced by her previous policy flip-flops, she is just saying this to attract the Bernie voters who re abandoning the party and protesting Hillary stealing the primary, confirmed by the damning DNC email leak.

Following a series of video clips showing Sanders’ speeches, Mook went on to say Clinton aligned with the Vermont senator on a number of issues before the primary took place.

“I actually wish we could have played some of Secretary Clinton’s earlier speeches, as well, because she’s been talking about how the deck is stacked against the middle-class for some time, that the wealthiest Americans are not paying their fair share,” he said. “And that we need to start giving working people a fair shot again.”

To give some background on her policy flip-flops over the years, here are a few of her most egregious lies:

It’s clear that she’ll stop at nothing and say literally anything to get political power. America needs someone with conviction and core values that represent the country, not someone who will say speak out of both sides of their lying mouth. We’ve had 8 years of that and look where it has gotten us.

(Source: The Daily Caller)