Here’s The REAL Reason Why Young Girls WANT To Join ISIS! I Wasn’t Expecting THIS!

This is disgusting, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Young women tend to be attracted to bad boys, that’s just a fact of nature. The sad thing is that now, young Muslim women are running away not to join a dashingly handsome rogue on a road trip or eloping with someone their mom wouldn’t approve of.

They are leaving the country entirely to join ISIS and promote terrorism. This is insanity.

Shazia Mirza, who claims to be the world’s first devoutly Muslim woman stand-up comic, is used to walking a very thin line.

But the writer and comedian is touching a still rawer nerve in her new show “The Kardashians Made Me Do It”, which asks why so many young Western Muslim girls choose to run away to join the Islamic State group.

At face value, her answer seems as problematic as the phenomenon itself.

“Yes, they (IS fighters) may be barbaric… murderous psychopaths,” she said. “But they are hairy, macho, they have guns and they’re exciting… and that presses a lot of girls’ buttons.”

“If some hot, hairy Muslim Brad Pitt had written to me at 15 and sent me pictures asking me to join him, it might have seemed like an exciting way out. But it would have been nothing to do with religion.”

Here’s a clip from her cringe-worthy routine:

This is just more proof that we need to wipe out ISIS once and for all. There is a difference between a young woman rebelling and going out with a macho, motorcycle riding, bad boy and running away to join ISIS, and it says a lot about our society that we can joke about it without actually calling attention to the very real problems this presents.

We need to protect our kids and the future of America! Who’s with me?

(Source: Breitbart)