Here’s A Video Of Barack Obama ACTUALLY Making Secret Deals With Russia

You’ve no doubt heard from the liberal media that a Trump relationship with Russia, and an BETTER relationship with Russia, is a horrible thing. That somehow Trump and Putin are conspiring against the American government, the outgoing administration, and the American people.

But wait! You’ll never guess who wanted a better relationship with Russia and tried to make it happen all the way back in 2012? If you guessed Barack Obama, you are 100% correct. Caught on a hot mic during a nuclear security summit in Seoul, South Korea in 2012, president Obama has this to say to current Russian President Dmitry Medvedev about their relationship with the then-Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin.

Note that Obama said that he was unwilling to do anything until he was re-elected and given some “more flexibility,” whatever that means. It seems that Obama wasn’t up to the task of dealing with powerful people, and fell apart immediately after re-election. After that point, he was as anti-Russia as they come. Funny how that works.

And here it is again in a report by Fox News, with slightly better audio quality.

So Democrats can take it to the bank that Trump wanting a better relationship with Russia is not a power play to disenfranchise the American people of our government. Russia doesn’t want to control our government. Hell, liberals’ lord and savior Barack Obama wanted the EXACT SAME THING 4 years ago.

Let’s make sure the liberals see this one. Share this everywhere and tell them to stop peddling their anti-American rhetoric!

(H/T RedStateWatcher)