George Clooney Is A Horrible, Lying Hypocrite

If you’re not sick of liberal celebrities telling the rest of us what to do yet, I’ve got something that just might push you over the edge. Hollywood superstar George Clooney has been advocating for increased acceptance of refugees ever since anybody started listening to him. He’s cited the fact that his wife was a refugee and how much he loves her, as well as other general emotional nonsensical reasoning.

However, being an outspoken advocate for the immigrant has not stopped him from having all the practical objections to them that we have; he just has the money to keep himself safe, whereas you and I probably don’t.

Via Life & Style:

Life & Style has exclusively learned that George Clooney has recently made plans to move back to LA, for the safety of his family, after the latest spate of terror attacks in England.

“He doesn’t feel like Amal and the twins are safe living in the English countryside,” an insider says. “He’s determined to move his family to LA, where he feels much more secure.”

That’s funny, a lot of people don’t feel safe after the terror attacks, but they’re not fleeing the country, and most of them didn’t actively try to make a country less safe with ridiculous and short sighted campaigns about refugees.

Political analyst Paul Joseph Watson had a few things to say about this new information:

(Warning: Strong Language)

So curious; Clooney was living in a place that has effected the change that he advocates for in the United States, and it has turned out to be too dangerous for his precious and beloved family. Sadly, I agree with him. I too think that being in an area that’s overrun by gangs of foreigners who feel they have the moral obligation to kill me is too dangerous for my family. Hence my obvious reluctance to let said gangs into our homeland. That’s what’s known as consistency.

I guess being around hordes of angry jihadist is something that Clooney thinks that the little people (that’s you and me) should have to deal with, but not him. The fact is, he is pro-refugee because he knows that it will never be any skin off his nose. No matter what comes his way he will have the means to heighten security or move his family or take whatever steps necessary and none of this will ever affect him. The rest of us are just out of luck I guess.

What’s good for the goose obviously isn’t good for a Clooney.

(Source: Life & Style, Paul Joseph Watson)