Gay Politician Drinks Obama’s Kool Aid And Blames Orlando Shooting On WHAT??! OMG!

Here’s something is 100% guaranteed to piss you off today. This skirted by a lot of news outlets, regardless of political affiliation, but we’re here to expose the truth of this matter and show you just how insane some people really are.

When I say insane, your mind probably just went to Islam or Muslims am I right? Well this one is not from there, but about those topics and it’s coming from an very unlikely source. Chris Anderson, a Chattanooga Tennessee City Councilman for District 7 unleashed after the Orlando murders of 49 people in a gay night club called Pulse. But Mr. Anderson did not direct his venom to radical islam or even the gun lobby like most Liberal nut-jobs do. No, he directed his hatred in completely the wrong direction entirely. Towards the Tea Party.

Here are some tweets he sent to Tea Party officials in the wake of the attacks blaming THEM for inciting the violence.


That last one is of particular interest because Mark West responded. Here is their conversation on Twitter, in it’s entirety.


Couldn’t agree more Mr. West. Mr. Anderson’s dangerous, left-leaning, and disrespectful attacks on you and the Tea Party are baseless and classless. Especially for an elected official. Let’s see what else he supports according to his Twitter account:

Chattanooga City Councilman, District 7; TN Democratic Executive Committeeman, District 10; Hillary Clinton 2016 supporter; prolific seconder

So we can glean that he is a Democrat, Hillary supporter, and not a leader (seconds notions more than proposes). To me, this screams blind inequality. Chris, did you know the Clintons have taken money from Middle Eastern countries that persecute gays and murder them just for being homosexual? Probably not, but I’m sure you looked it up before blindly racing into a party that has ties to gay murders. And yes, many Republicans do hate gays, but the difference is we’re not grabbing anything we can get our hands on, running into gay night clubs, and murdering 49 people. This is a difference you can’t seem to comprehend. Christians are blowing up buildings, Chris.

Now, we here at Yes I’m Right do not hate Gay people. Nor do we think that Gays should be persecuted the same way they are in Middle Eastern countries (beheadings and death are two of the most common). However, what Chris Anderson is saying is the equivalent of spitting on the graves of those slain in the attack. To say that Republicans, the Tea Party specifically, are responsible for this violence is not only massively incorrect, it’s disgusting.

You are using the deaths of 49 of your own people to forward and force an agenda of slander and libel on the Tea Party who have been doing nothing but trying to protect you and ever other American from radical Islamic Jihad. And to call it anything less than that is both misguided and quite frankly one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard.

Do yourself a favor Mr. Anderson, take a good hard look in the mirror tomorrow morning and realize that what you’ve done is not progress, but regress into a mindset where you’re setting gay rights and relations back 50 years. Put the blame where it’s due, on Islam. The Tea Party did not murder 49 people. Get a clue.


(Source: Twitter)