French President GROWS A PAIR And Says One Thing About Islam That Obama WON’T Admit

As we all know, President Obama knows how to respond to a terror attack. The shameful thing is that he responds like a cowardly lion, speaking big, but never taking any action. Obama also has a well documented history talking about “terrorism” and not saying what it truly is, ISLAMIC terrorism.

In contrast, France’s President, Francois Hollande, has had to deal with two of the largest and most devastating ISLAMIC terror attacks in the history of the world in just the past 8 months. If there is anyone that has seen the horrors and the bloodshed and the suffering first hand, it is Hollande. And guess what? He isn’t afraid to call this exactly what it is.

All of France is “threatened by Islamist terrorism,” French Pres. Francois Hollande boldly declared following the deadly terror attack that struck the city of Nice Thursday.

Addressing the nation in a televised statement, Pres. Hollande warned that all of France is under siege by “Islamist terrorism”:

“It is France as a whole which is threatened by Islamist terrorism.”

Pres. Hollande promised he is facing the Islamist threat head-on:

“In such circumstances, we must show our absolute vigilance and determination. Many measures have already been taken. Our laws have been reinforced, but as we are in the middle of summer, we need to enhance our level of protection.”

France 24 did not edit out Pres. Hollande speaking the words “Islamist terrorism,” unlike Pres. Obama’s White House earlier this year, when it censored both the English and French audio of the French president declaring “Islamist terrorism” the root of terrorism during a meeting with Obama.

Hollande shows class and strength while Obama tries to cover for all of Islam and couldn’t care less about the safety of the American people. For those of you that missed it, here’s his response to this ISLAMIC terror attack.

That is how you respond. You call it what it is and you plead for the world to understand that it’s once group of people doing this. When will everyone wake up? Sharia is incompatible with modern times. Islamists beat women and rape them. Islamists walk into buildings and blow themselves up. Islamists drive trucks into crowds of innocent people. Why? Becuase they aren’t Islamists.

I don’t know what you think, but if that is not the definitely of hate and evil, then you need to see a psychiatrist as there is something wrong in your head. Looking at you, every left wing nut job ever.

(Source: MRC TV)