FBI Says Hillary WON’T Be Charged In Email Scandal. Trump’s Reaction MADE MY DAY!

By now we all know what’s happened with Hillary Clinton and the FBI. Even with all the evidence going against her, the FBI has decided to take no action against her. Naturally, this pissed off nearly everyone on the Republican side of the isle.

Everyone from Paul Ryan to Donald Trump chimed in on the matter. The FBI made the announcement this afternoon and here’s a live stream of the announcement in full.

Reactions came in from around the country, including Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.

And of course, Donald Trump was the most vocal and brutal of all. And of course, he was absolutely right.


Speaker Ryan hit the nail on the head here. This sets a dangerous precedent for the future of government communications and how politicans operate “above the law.” Should Hillary be in prison? You’re damn right she should be. She put national security at risk and she should pay for that. American lives have paid for her poor judgement already.

(Source: Facebook)