During A Moment Of Silence For Paris Victims, Muslims Shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR!”

When liberals talk about how ISIS and radical Islam doesn’t represent “regular” Muslims, here’s proof that none of that is true. During the beginning of a soccer match between Turkey and Greece, there was a moment of silence for the victims of the horrendous ISIS Paris attacks last week.

Instead of having it be a moment where cultures could meet and feel a sense of sorrow and compassion for their fellow man, Muslims all over the stadium began protesting, shouting “Allahu Akbar”, which is a phrase that means “God is great”, used by terrorists before they perform a heinous act.

Deadspin reports,


You can hear the whistles (in much of the world, whistling is the equivalent of booing) throughout what was supposed to be a moment of silence in the video below. Accompanying the boos were reportedly chants of “Martyrs never die, the country will never be divided” and “Allahu Akbar,” according to Today’s Zaman, an English-language Turkish paper.

This was the second occurrence of ostensibly rude behavior on behalf of the fans, who had also whistled while the Greece national anthem played. Which, owing to the long, fraught relationship between the two countries, was pretty much inarguably meant as an insult.

The negative response was immediate. As the boos rang down, Turkey captain Arda Turan and other players gesticulated to the bleachers in efforts to get the fans to cut it out. After the match, Turkey’s manager Fatih Terim took the fans to task for their inconsiderateness.

From L’Équipe:

“First, it is unacceptable that the Greek anthem was booed. Who did that? How do we justify to the world what happened here? Our custom is to respect our neighbors. If we were the victims of those whistles abroad, we would be devastated. I grew up in an area where it is mixed and where we respected each other.”

Then, continuing to the violated minute of silence, Fatih Terim showed even stronger: “These whistles damage the image of our country. There were two matches on Tuesday canceled because of this terror. This is not child’s play. Terrorist threats are very serious. We must think. We can not remain passive in our country facing what is happening. It’s not us. You realize there is not even a minute’s silence. My God. I cannot justify what happened. But if we act together, we can prevent the sport from being sacrificed to terrorism.”

You can watch the entire heart-wrenching situation here:

No matter what, people will act how they act, and it’s telling when Muslims convene in a place and choose to act in this way when asked to be compassionate. This is not a religion of peace – not by a long shot.

(Source: Deadspin)