Donald Trump Jr. Just SET FIRE To Hillary Clinton’s Campaign! She’s DONE!

As the Republican National Convention rolled on today, all sorts of celebrities and politicians came out in support of Donald Trump. He was officially nominated as our candidate, though we, as well as any person with a functioning brain, never had a doubt he’d win it.

In the midst of all the pomp and circumstance, one speech stood out above all others not for it’s praise of Trump, but for the sheer magnitude of the truth it represented. Donald Trump Jr. took it upon himself to say that America will be greater than ever before! And we believe him.

But what he said about Hillary Clinton will shake the Liberals to their core. This is incredible! Here’s the full speech:

My personal favorite line was,

If Hillary Clinton were elected, she’d be the first president who couldn’t pass a background check.” AMEN to that!

Trump Jr’s words were poignant and should hit home for all the Liberals that were watching. Clinton is unfit to be out president and everyone knows it.

(Source: YouTube)