Dog The Bounty Hunter Just Made Heartbreaking Announcement About His Wife

Duane “Dog” Chapman announced tragic news regarding his wife, Beth.

“I’m good and she’s trying to do good,” he said during an episode of a podcast. “On a 1 to 10 [scale] her pain is about a 9 so…she’s not good.”

A few weeks ago Beth revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage four throat cancer. Her prognosis is unknown. However, she’s handling herself with grace and dignity.

She refuses to give up. Prior to her diagnosis, she was extremely active. She exercised often, going for long walks with friends and engaging in cardio sessions.

She’s in too much pain to continue most of her activities now, but her attitude is still bright.

“The doctor said she was the most healthiest 49-year-old female he’d seen, so this stuff can attack the healthiest,” Dog said. “You don’t have to be sick to catch cancer. She was really healthy.”

Beth and Dog are one of the most stable couples in Hollywood. Dog is absolutely devoted to his wife.

“This (cancer) is not stopping her now. She’s bedridden but she’s up every once in a while… You just gotta keep going,” Dog said.


(Source: Page Six)