CNN Suddenly Turns On Hillary AND Obama Live On Air – Here’s Why…

CNN trashed Obama and Hillary Clinton during the same segment.

The hosts attacked the duo for their cowardice. Bigwig liberal donor Harvey Weinstein has been outed as a sexual predator and Team Obama/Clinton is remaining silent. The man donated huge sums of money to their campaigns, and instead of behaving honorably and denouncing him, they’re saying nothing at all.

“I don’t think it’s complicated for [Clinton] to come out and condemn somebody who gave her political donations,” CNN’s Political Director David Chalian said. “Barack Obama also. This is just unconscionable to me.”

It doesn’t matter that they’re no longer in office. Obama is still the most prominent Democrat in the party. Clinton has become its laughingstock, but she’s probably even more embedded with Weinstein than Obama.

“[Clinton] no doubt has to be on the record about this as other leaders have to be,” CNN Political Analyst David Gregory said. “Because we’re living through a time where we’ve seen this kind of action before, and people do need to speak out against it.”

Hollywood has been shamed into admitting that Weinstein is a criminal pervert. If starlets are willing to go on camera and call Weinstein a monster, Team Obama/Clinton has no excuse. A lot of Democrats have pledged to return Weinstein’s dirty campaign donations.

Neither Obama nor Clinton, however, have offered to do the same.

(Source: Daily Caller)