CNN Reporter Tried To Prove Blacks HATE Trump, It Backfired IMMEDIATELY

The Liberals are trying everything they can to continue to push their misguided agenda that Trump is evil. There isn’t a Liberal media outlet that hasn’t tried it. CNN is famous for it and they just tried it again.

CNN approached a black Trump supporter outside the Republican National Convention and prodded and provoked him in an attempt to get him to say Trump is a racist. What they got was an epic dose of “Told Ya So.” The reporter challenged the Trump supported with a the question “What do you think about white supremacists supporting Trump?”

His response shut up the reporter FAST! This should also prove once and for all that Black Lives Matter’s racist rhetoric is nothing by shouting at a wall.

My favorite part about this entire exchange is that the reporter doesn’t know that Hillary is also supported by white supremacists and it is widely documented she is supported by a majority in that genre.

Look here Liberals, what you’re trying to do is what you’ve done for decades. I get it. I get that’s your MO, but just give it a rest. Stop with the racial divide. BLM and all Liberals continue to preach unity, but then race bait more than anyone else on earth with questions like these. And we salute you Mr. Trump supporter! He showed them that this argument is tired, stale, and just plan old.

(Source: YouTube)