China Unleashed Massive Cyber Attack On America – What Did Obama Do About It?

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Sometimes though, we see the evil that spreads in the digital realm and the U.S. is trying to counteract it by any means necessary. Last year, Attorney General Eric Holder told our nation that 5 Chinese hackers that could be tied to the Chinese military were brought on charges of carrying out digital theft of many high-profile American businesses.

Since then, the U.S. has ramped up cyber security and has been doing it’s best to counteract these heinous measures.

Going after the Chinese officers, Holder said, ‘makes clear that state actors who engage in economic espionage, even over the Internet from faraway offices in Shanghai, will be exposed for their criminal conduct and sought for apprehension and prosecution in an American court of law.’ For good measure, the Justice Department even distributed wanted posters with pictures of the hackers in their Chinese military uniforms.

And China’s army of hackers has notched some significant victories, none bigger than the 2014 hack of databases belonging to the Office of Personnel Management, which allowed Beijing’s agents to make off with highly sensitive documents used in background checks for security clearances. The hackers stole the personal information of up to 21.5 million federal employees; on Tuesday, OPM said it had awarded Identity Theft Guard Solutions, which does business under the name ID Experts, a $130 million contract to shield victims of the hack from fraud and identity theft. OPM Director Beth Cobert said the hack, which Washington officials privately attribute to China, was ‘one of the largest cybercrimes ever carried out against the U.S. government.’

China has denied allegations that it breached OPM’s servers, and has in the past rebuffed American complaints about its hacking activity by denying responsibility for specific incidents and pointing out that the United States also carries out electronic espionage.

With no evidence that China is scaling back its activities in cyberspace, Washington stands on the verge of escalating pressure on Beijing to rein in its hacker army.

And where were the liberals on this?

In April, Obama signed an executive order granting him the authority to apply the formidable sanctions power of the United States to block individuals and entities responsible for carrying out cyberattacks against U.S. targets. American officials say no final decisions have been reached about the timing or composition of those potential sanctions.

Ah yes, sanctions. We all know how good sanctions are against ruthless people *coughIRANcough*. How about making some real progress and stop it with the paper pushing?