Brigitte Gabriel Exposes The Ugly Truth About Muslim Refugees That Every American Needs To Hear

Brigitte Gabriel is a hero among the conservative crowd. She has routinely exposed why the refugee crisis has bad for America and the world. This time she is exposing it all.

Gabriel is very outspoken on refugees, especially Muslim refugees from the war ravaged are of the Middle East. She would know, she’s a Middle Eastern Christian. She’s an authority on the matter because she’s seen it first hand. And now she’s speaking out against all of it. Gabriel exposes the truth about the Muslim refugees in this scathing video she posted to her Facebook account.

Watch and learn everyone. This is what America needs to hear.

Gabriel was born a Christian and grew up in Lebanon. She knows, people. This is what the world, and America, needs to see and believe. When we admit everyone, no one triumphs except radical Islamic terror.

Spread this everywhere. America needs to know the truth.