BlackLivesMatter Shuts Down Jeb Bush Event Wearing Planned Parenthood Shirts

Here at Yes I’m Right, we support our police forces around the nation for taking down criminals and not crying foul at every little instance of videos online showing cops in the negative; much like the liberals love to show. We also support the de-funding and dismantling of the sick abortion clinic of Planned Parenthood.

Well, some on the left really don’t know what to support these days because there was a rally and protest recently where #blacklivesmatter shut down a Jeb Bush event, while all wearing Planned Parenthood shirts. The contradictory nature of this is the height of hilarity. Here’s a video of the protest.

(Source: YouTube)

By wearing the PP shirts, these liberal nut jobs are not only making statements that have no business being in the same forum, but also saying that black lives matter only when they’re being arrested for clearly criminal activities, not when they’re being aborted. It’s times like these that make my head spin.

Just another example of the left making zero to no sense at all.