Black Lives Matter Idiot Tells All White People To “Move To The Back” At DNC

Whenever there’s a Democratic convention in town, it always seems like the fascists come out of the woodwork to promote whatever toxic ideology they want to impose on the general public. This time, it’s Black Lives Matter, the group that promotes violence against police and racial segregation, despite preaching that they’re for equality.

Black Lives Matter is to equality as the Westboro Baptist Church is to “turn the other cheek.” They clearly haven’t heard of the concept.

Right outside the DNC, Black Lives Matter supporters gathered to march for whatever it was that they felt needed a hashtag at the moment, and they ordered that the white people in the group went to the back of the march.

Yes, this is real. A loudmouth idiot on a megaphone told people “This is a black and brown resistance first.” In other news,┬áMartin Luther King, Jr. is spinning in his grave so fast that he is now generating his own gravity field.

This is exactly the kind of racially-segregated, hate-filled crap that Hillary Clinton wants at the DNC. She props up mothers of slain thugs while denying that ability to the widows of cops shot by them, she talks about Black Lives Matter, even though their ideology is responsible for more violent action against police than anything else we’ve seen in recent history, and it’s all under the banner of tolerance.

If anyone can fathom voting for Hillary in this election, then they’ve clearly been dropped on the head as a child.