Black Lives Matter Hoaxer Just Got Served INSTANT Justice. She’s DONE!

This is how far these Black Lives Matter dummies will go to prove their point. It’s sickening, disgusting, and down right shameful the lengths these people will go to show what true INequality really looks like.

BLM is a backwards and racist organization and their supporters are too. They don’t understand that ALL lives matter and that their actions have sent black relations back 50 years. All the progress has essentially been erased and black Americans are now starting from square one.

Here’s a perfect example of it. A BLM student at Kean University in New Jersey had recently cried racism, but it was found out that she made the racists posts HERSELF to further the BLM agenda. This is sick.

It all started back in November when a few threats were posted to Twitter, targeting black students from New Jersey’s Kean University. Once an investigation was launched into the matter, you can imagine their surprise when officers learned that the person responsible was Kayla McKelvey, a black student who also attended the school.

Police learned that McKelvey had created a fake Twitter account and posted things like:

“…i will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow, and any other day if they go to kean university”

“the cops won’t save you…you’re black #keanuniversity”

“theres a bomb on your campus”

As it turns out, there was a student rally focusing on racial issues at the time and the threats weren’t a coincidence. The entitled brat made the threats in hopes of drawing more support for her cause. In fact, after making the sickening tweets, McKelvey then went back to all her friends to tell them about the “racist demands.”

As a result, local law enforcement, as well as Homeland Security, spent about $82,000 on extra campus security and an investigation into the threats. Beyond that, several students missed class, and there were even calls for Kean President Dawood Farah to resign over the fake hate.

Now normally, in Obamaland, this BLM scumbag would get away with this and walk away. Not so this time as she was slapped down HARD by the judge.

Unfortunately for McKelvey, it seems that her “genius” idea didn’t sit too well with officials who have since decided to make an example out of the entitled brat. According to recent reports, McKelvey has been slapped with the maximum sentence for her crimes – 90 days behind bars – and even a few extra surprises.

In order to ensure that her smug grin was fully wiped off her face, Judge Robert Mega also slapped the race-baiter with 5 years probation and 100 hours in a labor assistance program.

YES! But that’s not all.

On top of her long-lasting punishment, Judge Mega saved the best for last, forcing the punk to repay every penny of the $82,000 in cost incurred as a result of the hoax threats. This two-bit thug is everything wrong with society today.

Damn straight! Sometimes this happens and it makes us cheer. This is one of those times. There are still good guys out there not bowing to the BS hatred of BLM and other such racist organizations.

It makes us hopefully for a better tomorrow in America!

(Source: Mad World News)