Bill O’Reilly Is BACK!

If you’ve been missing the No Spin Zone, we’ve got some good news for you; Bill O’Reilly, the former Fox News superstar is in talks with some new networks that want him to go live again.

Not only is O’Reilly fielding offers from at least two news organizations, he’s trying to convince his buddy Sean Hannity to come with him. Hannity, who is still in good standing with great ratings hasn’t shown any signs of departure yet, but the offers finished yet.

Via The Blaze:

Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly is reportedly talking to longtime Fox host Sean Hannity about teaming up to bring their storied success to a new television network.

According to New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, who is one of the most connected journalists covering Fox News, O’Reilly is in talks with Hannity to join Sinclair Broadcasting, a conservative-leaning news network that has a massive reach.

Sherman explained the possibility Sunday morning on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show. Sherman is an MSNBC contributor.

Since his departure from Fox, where he dominated cable news television for years, many have questioned where O’Reilly would end up. O’Reilly has said he’s still interested in doing television. Meanwhile, he hosts a podcast on his website,, and joins Glenn Beck on his radio program each Friday. O’Reilly has even hinted at the possibility of doing an in-house television program.

The conscious among conservatives has been that O’Reilly’s departure from Fox was a political hit in an effort to find a politically correct way to silence his powerful voice for the right. Removing him from the air far from silenced him though. His followers are just up in arms and listening to him on the radio and on podcasts, getting to skip all the advertisements that would have made the network more money.

The idea of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity at a new and improved conservative news network is enough to make any conservative jump for joy. A network that could rival the powerhouse Fox News is just what the doctor ordered for a time when Fox is considered the gold standard. They’ve kept this title just because they’re not lying through their teeth like the other networks. A little competition might be exactly what we need to try and bring back the integrity of journalism on television today.

(Source: The Blaze)