Bill Maher Makes Sick Excuse For Harvey Weinstein. He’s Really In Trouble Now…

Feminists are going to be pissed at Bill Maher.

The HBO comedian tried (and failed) to make a joke about Harvey Weinstein on Friday.

Speaking with “The View” blowhard Joy Behar, Maher explained why powerful men often become embroiled in sex scandals.

“Because they have shitty sex lives,” he quipped, noting that most infamous perverts (Weinstein, Anthony Wiener, Bill Cosby) have been married.

Behar took him up immediately.

“They’re bored at home? No, that’s got nothing to do with it… Let’s leave the wives at out of it. The wives are home minding their own business while these jerks are jerking off,” she said.

Maher is deeply entrenched in Hollywood politics. He’s also a paid provocateur. His reluctance to bash a man whose movies are still being fawned over isn’t surprising. A lot of celebrities connected to pervert Weinstein are still considering if they should throw them him over.

President Trump has no such protections. Hollywood rarely turns against its own, but it seems like nearly everyone in California is willing to attack Trump. It’s as though denigrating the president boosts your credit with liberals.

“On Monday, Trump called the pregnant widow of a dead American soldier to console her and ended up pouring salt in the wound and feuding with her all week,” said Maher.

“I mean, if you could take a week where it was revealed that Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted every single female in show business and still be the worst fat, gross creep, that’s pretty good.”

(Source: Daily Mail)