Ann Coulter RIPS APART A Clueless Pro-Illegal Immigrant Liberal On LIVE TV. She’s RUTHLESS!

Personal hero today? Ann Coulter. Why? Because she makes the case crystal clear as to why we need immigration reform and a border wall.

Trump has been preaching it since day one and for good reason. Illegal immigration brings in crime, drugs, rape, murder, and a litany of other illegal activities. It’s not called “illegal immigration” by accident, people. It’s against the law.

As Trump has said before, immigration is perfectly fine, the illegal side of it when people come in without proper vetting is where it’s all going wrong. Coulter agrees with him 100%, knowing that Trump is right on this issue. So much so that Ann wrote a book about it and went on Hannity to talk about it.

On that show, Coulter went head to head with Francisco Hernandez a pro-immigration liberal yahoo that thinks America should just take in every single person that comes knocking at the door. Here’s their battle and watch as Ann hands him his own ass on a platter!

You just can’t argue with facts and Coulter SCHOOLS Hernandez on things he should know, but doesn’t because, of course, he’s a┬áliberal. Immigrants that come here aren’t pulling their own weight. As Coulter points out, the welfare and crime rate of illegals are vastly larger than that of people born here naturally. If you don’t properly vet immigrants, you’re going to have problems. The statistics show that to be absolutely true.

And illegal immigrants get MORE welfare than legal immigrants? That is shocking, but not entirely out of the realm of believable facts. Liberals love to say that illegals don’t get benefits when in fact they get MORE benefits than legals because of the Democrats wanting to make illegals their charity cases.

Wake up liberals, every illegal isn’t trying to escape their own countries because of the poverty and crime. That may be the case for some, but not all, and your ignorance to that fact is turning this country into a $500 billion bank for illegals to steal from at will.

(Source: YouTube)