America’s Dumbest Congresswoman Said Something Really Smart. Just Kidding, She’s An Idiot.

If she were completely honest with herself, Congresswoman Maxine Waters would have to admit that President Donald Trump is the best thing that could have happened to her. The California Democrat has gone from anonymity to a breakout star for the alt-left and never-Trump advocates.

Apparently what she advocates for is pretty much anything that can be rebelled against. In this case, the MTV Awards with their “gender identity not included” show was just the venue for Waters to show her love for the abnormal.

What don’t I understand is what kind of “times” these are. One could assume that she’s either referring to the White House once again being occupied by someone who “identifies” as white. Or perhaps the increased awareness of African Americans as to how mistreated they are.

What is perplexing is trying to understand how the African Americans are not being treated the way they should. They’re not only given the same rights as other races, in some cases, they’re given preferential treatment in the name of diversity.

It’s also noteworthy that the countries most insane congresswoman was invited to present at the most perverted awards show of the year. Their overt support of gender confusion and extreme anti-right bias should reflect badly both on Waters and MTV.

Although considering her track record, they may well be a match made in heaven. Here’s hoping the union of the certifiable congresswoman and the most absurd network on TV is a profitable one for anyone looking to understand what the two of them are about.

(Source: Youtube)