Trump Crashes His Own Security Secretary’s Swearing In To Give Major Announcement

President Trump hasn’t forgotten about the border wall. He was all smiles Friday after he crashed Homeland Security Secretary Katherine Nielsen’s swearing-in ceremony. While he had the crowd’s attention glued to him, he renewed his promise about the wall.

“We’re going to get the wall. I know you want the wall. We’re going to get the wall…If we don’t get the wall, then I got a lot of very unhappy people, starting with me,” Trump said during the celebration.

The president knows how to build up the people around him. He heaped praise upon both Nielsen and the hardworking agents supporting the department.

“The numbers have been so incredible; they’re up to 78 percent,” Trump said of the recent spike in illegal immigrant apprehensions at the border.

“If they used to have a 1 percent or 2 percent number, they used to celebrate. We’re at 78 percent… And it went down a little bit because, actually, a lot of people aren’t trying to come in so much because they know it’s not easy.”

Democrats are starting to look silly. Their experts insisted that discussions of the wall were pointless, that there was no way that Trump would be able to get it built.

They were wrong.

“We’re going to get the wall. And we need it. We need it for the drug flow; we need it for people coming into our country… And we want to have great people coming into our country. We want to have a merit-based system. We have to get rid of chain migration,” Trump said.

(Source: Daily Mail)