This Green Beret’s EPIC Message To Democrats Will Wake America Up

Green Baret Tim Kennedy has a message for the democrats that didn’t feel the need to stand in honor of fallen Navy Seal Ryan Owens: If you ever do that to his wife, his teammates will end you.

Kennedy is striking back against the disrespect shown by some of the democratic representatives at the President’s speech to a joint session of congress on Tuesday. The President asked the widow of a recently fallen Navy Seal to come, so they could honor her husband for his contribution to his country.  The reaction by most of the audience was touching, but a number of the more sullen democrats thought it would be okay to keep their seats.

sitting-700x319Kennedy’s message to them was clear and to the point. If any of them do meet their demise in this way, they won’t be able to say he didn’t warn them.

While I’m sure it was not his first reaction to this level of disrespect for a fellow member of the armed forces, at least Kennedy is using his words . . . for now.

What we are seeing on display in the ever declining morals and decision-making skills of the democrats, is a group of people so caught up in their own self-interests, that they can’t see how they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Owens, Kennedy and others like them are fighting for our rights to disagree and be wrong if we want to.

The left is so busy calling President Trump a bad politician that they don’t even realize it’s a compliment now. They are giving their profession and ultimately our nation a bad name with these self-righteous antics and inability to see past their own agenda.

I understand that in life we take risks, but ticking off literally every highly trained warrior in the nation in one ill-conceived moment of peer pressure, may not have been the smartest idea for this particular group of glorified lawyers.

I’m not saying anything bad will happen, but they might want to avoid dark allies, open spaces, areas with tall buildings . . . Maybe just stay home.

(Source: Freedom Daily)